Insignia Little Buddy Child Tracker Keeps Tabs On Your Offspring

Oh, wow. What in the world is this? Insignia's Little Buddy Child Tracker, which absolutely has the worst product name we've ever seen, it a GPS tracker that's designed specifically to track kids and help parents keep their worrying in check. Of course, there are plenty of benefits to having this, but it's the approach here that bothers us.

Marketed under Best Buy's in-house label, the tiny GPS-enabled stick has an integrated battery in it and continually tracks location as it moves. The idea here is for parents to shove this into backpacks, notebooks or lunch containers in order to keep tabs on their child's location. Granted, it'd be far more effective if put directly within a pocket or jacket (considering that some of those other devices don't always follow a child, particularly if they are kidnapped), but hey, it's the fear factor doing the real work here.

The device can be setup with a customized barrier, and if your child leaves that area, you'll receive a text message warning telling you that the perimeter has been breached. Real-time alerts will also be set out to keep you looped in on battery life. The device can be ordered now for $99.99, though it's currently not expected to ship between 1 and 2 weeks. The real question, however, is whether or not you're brave enough to sneak this onto your child--while you may "just be trying to protect them," you may end up hurting their trust if they discover it.