Inside Out Project Posts Your Pictures in Times Square New York

For the next couple of weeks, an artist in Times Square is giving you the chance to put a giant image of your face on the ground. What--you’re not booking a flight to N.Y.C. right now? Then you might miss out on the fun, because people different artistic sensibilities than yours are lining up every day to get their selfies onto the sidewalk.

The Inside Out Project plastering selfies to the sidewalk in New York City's Times Square.
Image credit: Inside Out Project

The Inside Out Project, created by artist JR, and a winner of the California TED Conference in 2011, is global art project in which truck that serves as a rolling photo studio shows up and its crew offer passersby the chance to have their pictures taken. The truck is equipped to print the massive poster of your mug, which is then plastered on the ground, alongside the rest. And, it’s all free. Isn’t this better than leaving your own self-portraits stuck in your iPhone?

As you might guess, the project is drawing huge crowds, especially at the Times Square location in New York. If you can’t make it, you can watch a documentary about the art project on HBO in May. If you do try this, be sure to grab your portrait (and browse the others) at the NYC Inside Out page.