Innodisk Reveals New nanoSSD With Sizes Ranging From 4GB to 64GB

It's pretty amazing how much we can store digitally on miniscule flash devices. Just look at Innodisk's latest creation, touted as the planet's first industrial-embedded industry's first SATA device in accordance to SATA µSSD standards – nanoSSD. Through the integration of a control chip, flash memory and peripheral power components into a single ball grid array (BGA) package, Innodisk has managed to reduce the size of the nanoSSD to approximately 1% the size of a 2.5" SSD. With dimensions of only 16 x 20 x 2 mm (WxLxH), a weight of only 1.5g, SATA III support, capacities ranging from 4 to 64 GB and both x86 and ARM compatibility, nanoSSD can be incorporated into a wide variety of applications where a small form-factor and high transfer rates are important, including industrial mobile devices, embedded systems, tablets, high-end smart phones and Ultrabooks.

Designed according to MO-276 standards, the JEDEC standard for SATA microSSDs, nanoSSD is a single-chip SATA implementation which allows for easy design-in. This product is fully compliant with the industrial-embedded industry's standards, including: thermal sensor implementation, -40°C to 85°C wide operation range, shock-resistance and ATA security and military (MIL-STD-810F/G) compliant quick erase standards.

There's no clear word when it comes to pricing or a commercial release, but hopefully we'll see it trickling out soon.
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