Inno3D Teases Custom iChiLL Coolers For Beastly GeForce GTX 1080 GPU

NVIDIA's latest and greatest GeForce card, GTX 1080, is set to drop on the 27th. Leading up to that date, we're seeing a bunch of vendors show off their special designs in advance. We often don't get these sneak peaks before market availability, but as we can see, even if we do, there might be some details still held back.

Case in point: inno3D. This Asian-based GeForce vendor has a new cooler coming called iChiLL, which will be available in two different flavors: iChiLL X3, and iChiLL X4.

While inno3D is revealing what makes its iChiLL so good, it stops short of showing us what the actual card looks like. That's fine though, right? After all, it's what's inside a graphics card that counts; not the outside!

inno3D iChiLL Cooler

As part of its "A.P.C.S.", or Active Power Cooling System, inno3D customizes a GTX 1080 to have a small 50mm fan at the top of the card, to push warm air outwards. As you can see in the demonstration above, hot air will transfer through some heatpipes until it reaches the tip of the card. At that point, the small 50mm fan dissipates that hot air in two directions.

Also seen in the picture is a mammoth heatsink that covers the memory and other components. Another heatsink, in the form of a backplate, is also included. In addition to improved heat dissipation, this backplate will help bolster the durability of the card.

inno3D iChiLL Cooler Fans

The biggest version of iChiLL will include three 92mm Turbine blade fans which will help push hot air through a huge 123 fin array, ultimately bleeding through the top of the card with the help of the mini 50mm fan. Normally, such small fans can be really whiny, so we'd hope it wouldn't be on this card.

For those who like a bit of bling, the iChiLL cooler can also come with an LED logo at the card's top which will show you how much load it's dealing with (blue for light, red for load).

inno3D hasn't revealed pricing (or availability) for its iChiLL products, but with the GTX 1080 set to launch this coming Friday, our wait for that information isn't going to be long.