InFocus Reveals 55-inch "Wall Tablet," Charges $6k For It

How small can a screen be before it's no longer a "big-screen TV?" And how large can a tablet be before it's no longer a "tablet?" Two questions that may never have definitive answers, but we're pretty confident that a 55" tablet...isn't actually a tablet. InFocus has just rolled out the first "all-in-one giant tablet," the Windows 7-based Mondopad. It's a fitting name, particularly when you consider that it's a 55" HD wall tablet that boasts touchscreen functionality and support for cloud-based video conferencing.

InFocus has partnered with Vidtel, a cloud video conferencing service provider, to make business-grade video conferencing as easy as making a phone call. Unlike traditional video conferencing, Mondopad requires no upfront infrastructure investment or IT resources, and it connects to all SIP and H.323 standards-based end-points and many proprietary video conferencing platforms—from popular free consumer video conferencing applications like Google Chat, to enterprise telepresence systems from Polycom and Cisco.

There's a 720p HD video camera and soundbar, while the screen itself offers a 1920x1080 native resolution as well as support for multiple touch points and built-in Wi-Fi. It's also shipping this July for $5949, with video conferencing services starting at $49/month. Something tells us that's just a few dollars north of where most tablets are priced.
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