Infiniti Debuts QX Inspiration Crossover EV To Challenge Tesla's Upcoming Model Y

qx inspiration
The luxury electric vehicle sector is starting to heat up, years after Tesla turned the industry on its head with the Model S. Now, the competition is finally fighting back with new EVs of their own, with the latest coming from Nissan's Infiniti.

The company first teased its QX Inspiration back in December, and now it has posted two renders of the vehicles from various angles (save for the rear).  It's definitely a new design direction for Infiniti and is littered with numerous sharp creases all around. Although it’s a new look for Infiniti, it doesn't break any new design ground in the EV space; however, the grille-less face is a bit unsettling at first. 

qx inspiration 2

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the design is the continued trend of manufacturers to make the side windows as narrow as possible. From the side view, you get all of this visual mass from the body (which Infiniti designers tried to break up with a shoulder crease and slash across the doors) topped with incredibly small windows. While some may think that this design trend looks cool, it will be a pain in the butt for drivers that are actually trying to see out of the vehicle during even the most basic lane-changing maneuvers.

However, with companies pushing to move us faster towards a fully autonomous future, maybe such considerations have been thrown out the door for us mere humans.

Infiniti says the production version of the QX Inspiration will usher in a new "electrified era" for the car company and that electrified vehicles will make up over half of its global sales by the year 2025. Unfortunately, Infiniti has not yet revealed power or range figures for the vehicle, although we'd expect an EPA range of over 200+ miles if it wants to be competitive with vehicles like the Model XJaguar I-PACEMercedes-Benz EQC, and Audi E-Tron.

Infiniti says that the QX Inspiration will be fully revealed on January 14th.