Mercedes EQC SUV Is The Latest Attack On Tesla's EV Technology And Sales Lead

mercedes eqc 3
When Tesla first launched the Roadster, it proved that it could build a world-class electric vehicle (EV) with a realistic driving range and titillating performance. When the Model S was released, it showed just how far ahead the company was in the EV game compared to just about every other auto manufacturer on the planet. In the years since, we've seen the release of both the Model X crossover SUV and the Model 3 entry-level compact sedan.

However, traditional luxury automakers are finally hip to the idea of producing dedicated EVs of their own. Take for instance Mercedes-Benz, which has been teasing the release of its upcoming EQC all-electric crossover SUV. The EQC will be will be similar in size to the company's GLC crossover. 

mercedes eqc 2

When it comes to styling, the EQC is expected to stick very close to the Generation EQ concept that was first revealed two years ago. However, Mercedes has been relatively generous with teaser shots of various aspects of the production design. In the past few weeks, the German luxury car maker has revealed renders of the front, rear and interior of the EQC. 

Today, however, the company went one step further by posting a video that shows the vehicle's profile along with more bits of the interior. There are numerous quick cuts in the video, so you'll probably want to slow it down a little to get a longer look at the various angles highlighted.

With that being said, the production EQC is expected to feature two electric motors -- one for each axle. Total output from the motors is expected to ring in at around 400 horsepower, while the vehicle should race from a standstill to 60 mph in under five seconds. As for driving range, we're expecting around 250 miles per charge.

mercedes eqc 1

The EQC isn't the only EV from an established automaker to take aim at Tesla. Jaguar recently released its I-Pace electric crossover, while Audi will soon be starting production of its e-tron Quattro crossover. Even Porsche is getting in on the action with its own electric performance sedan. What these entries show is that while Tesla had a seemingly insurmountable lead with regards to EVs just a few short years ago, luxury marques are quickly closing the gap on many fronts with the exception of outright acceleration numbers and the unmatched global Supercharger network.