In Win X-Fighter Gaming Case Is Ferocious

Dig Star Wars? Need a new case for your next gaming rig? Hold your horses, 'cause In Win looks to have just the thing. Announced this week, the X-Fighter ATX mid-tower chassis is said to be inspired by some of the greatest vessels ever to grace the big screen, namely crafts from the heralded Star Wars series.

You'll notice a foursome of triangular feet, hard steel, silver/aluminum lines and a futuristic feel. There are also a pair of 12cm ceramic fans at the front and rear along with a VGA Turbo Cooling System with dual 8cm ceramic fans there. There's even support for a water-cooling system should you find that necessary. Crazier still is the telescopic duct that extends outward and shifts side-to-side cooling drives and extra components up top. The visual feast is topped up with a hint of mesh and loads of jutting lines.

While this is easily one of the most zany and intimidating cases we've ever seen, In Win has made sure to provide a bulked up inside as well. There is a
rubberized railing system that, when attached to your components, provide a shock and vibration free experience for your ODD and HDD drives. You'll also find seven PCI/AGP slots, no need for a screwdriver, dual eSATA ports, and plenty of room for optical drives. The case is available now for right around $120.