In Game Advertiseing Here To Stay

Tired of seeing billboards in the car, watching advertisements on TV, or listening to radio spots between you're favorite songs? Well if you are, bad news friend. Ads are making their way into video games and companies such as IGA Worldwide are making placing advertisements in games a profitable business. While this isn't necessarily a new concept, it is taking a whole new direction which may prove to bring in game advertising to a whole new level. See what the guys at Bit-Tech have to say about the subject here.

In-game advertising, or IGA, is getting to be a potent buzzword in our industry. It also elicits some strong connotations - things like corporate greed, spyware and spam. Each gamer reacts differently to the ideas, but almost all fit into two camps - those who detest it to the point of not buying the games that contain it, and those who recognize it as an unfortunate reality and are willing to bear with some of it. Love it or hate it, the truth is that IGA is here to stay. But before we go crying in our beers and throwing our tea into the virtual harbour, maybe we need to take a look at what IGA really is - what it has been, what it is now, and what it could be. Along the way, we'll even discuss some of the business behind it, and why it maybe isn't the villain we as gamers have made it out to be.