Imgur Rolls Out Video To Animated GIF Conversion Service

In real life, there's a Starbucks and/or a McDonald's at every turn. But on the Internet, instead of coffee and fast food, you can't hardly surf a mile without seeing several memes and animated GIFs. Well, get ready to see more of the latter, because the super popular image hosting site Imgur just made it incredibly easy to extract animated GIFs from videos.

Imgur is already one of the go-to places for memes, and with its new online Video to GIF tool, all you really need to know how to do is copy and paste a video URL. Assuming you can also wield a mouse (or touchscreen), then it's just matter selecting start and stop points on the video, adding optional text, and clicking the "Create GIF" button.

Imgur Vid to GIF

Compatibility here is key, and according to Imgur, its online tool works with hundreds of video sites -- we can confirm that YouTube is among them.

"You’ve probably hosted a video on a video hosting site somewhere online. Luckily, Video to GIF can generate GIFs from hundreds of popular video sites, so the chances of yours being included are pretty high," Imgur explains.

How would you caption this animated GIF? Post it to the comments section below!

The only real limitations here are that the video must not exceed 1GB, and it doesn't work with mobile -- the Video to GIF tool is only available on the desktop site at this time.

Head here to try it out for yourself, and if you need videos to practice with, feel free to browse HotHardware's YouTube video channel. And if you can think of a funny caption for the above GIF, post it in the comments section below!