Image Quality Showdown: ATI vs NVIDIA

Image quality isn't as big a selling point as performance when it comes to graphics cards, though it's still a highly important issue. After all, what's the point of throwing down the cash for a top performing card if the image quality isn't up to par with the competition? FiringSquad does another image quality comparison between ATI and NVIDIA, also making sure to focus on the problem known as "Texture Shimmering".

"What is texture shimmering you ask? As a quick refresher, texture shimmering can occur when the mipmap transitions from one texture resolution to the next. If the transitions are harsh, the lower quality mipmap levels can stand out pretty dramatically; this sometimes causes a shimmering or flickering effect to the eye. In some extreme cases, you'll practically see a line ahead of you marking the spot between these transitions. Ideally the higher detail textures should blend well with the lower detail textures and the end user shouldn't notice a thing, but unfortunately this hasn't always been the case."
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