iMac G5 vs. iMac Core Duo

Anandtech has placed both the iMac G5 and the new iMac Core Duo on the test bench today to see just how revolutionary the change truly is as Apple shifts over to Intel processors. Seeing how the iMac system remained largely unchanged aside from the obvious motherboard and CPU swap, this test gives us the ideal situation to have a real apples to apples comparison. If you're anxious to see how Apple's latest decision affects performance, be sure to browse through Anand's results and make a decision for yourself. 

I do stand by my comments however, that the current Intel based Macs are more of a public beta test than something the masses should transition to. The problem is quite plainly the dependence on Rosetta. If you find yourself running applications that are all Universal today, then the new iMac is a wonderful solution, however anything that requires Rosetta to run is going to hurt.