IKEA Releases 3 Ultra-Affordable Smart Home Sensors, No Assembly Required

ikea announces new smart home sensors for home security
Ikea has launched a new smart home product family called the Vallhorn, Parasoll, and Badring, which are “designed to give customers a greater sense of control and comfort, allowing them to stay connected to their homes, even when they are away.” Thankfully, these smart home products are inexpensive and don't require the ever-fun Ikea assembly, which will give you that peace of mind at least.

The first item in the smart home lineup is the Parasoll door and window sensor, which can notify users if any of the access points the sensor on is opened or closed. This can be assisted by the Vallhorn motion sensor which can be placed in or outside of your home to notify you about movement. The Vallhorn will also activate lights when motion is detected, allowing you to spook away whoever is lurking around.

motion ikea announces new smart home sensors for home security

The last item in the lineup is the Badring water leakage sensor, which is to be put around pipes and other water usage areas, whereupon it can notify users of water leaks. Not only would you get a push notification on your phone, but the Badring would also activate its built-in alarm if you miss the notification.

water ikea announces new smart home sensors for home security

All of these new smart sensors can then be connected to the Dirigera hub over Zigbee, making them significantly more useful. Specifically, they can “trigger other smart devices, receive notifications in your mobile, or adjust lights to their preferences – all managed through the IKEA Home smart app, even remotely from outside the home.” Moreover, these sensors are not expected to cost more than $10 each, which is quite a bargain for peace of mind. We will have to see the price when they launch, though, with the Parasoll and Vallhorn coming in January 2024 and the Badring in April 2024.