iHome Introduces iHome+Sleep App For iPhone And iPod Touch

iHome introduced a free application for the iPhone and iPod touch called iHome+Sleep. This app provides a full-screen clock display along with weather widgets, the iPod control cluster, and a customizable background image. iHome+Sleep also introduces the Sleep Card, which lets you create multiple profiles for wakeup times, sleep and wakeup sounds, messages, and reminders.

iHome claims the iHome+Sleep app will "enhance the modern sleep cycle" with its innovations, which include:
  • Sleep Stats: a running record of the user’s sleep habits, including how many times they snooze, average bedtime, hours of sleep, and many more;
  • Social Media Alerts: Facebook Connect & Twitter integration allows users to send their friends preset or impromptu messages at bedtime and wakeup;
  • Overnight News: a new take on the morning paper, users can read what happened on their social networks while they were sleeping.
The iHome+Sleep app is available from the App Store as a free download. iHome plans to make the app available with other soon-to-be-released App-Enhanced products from iHome.