iGo's New Transportable Outlet Lets You Charge Anywhere

iGo unveiled a new travel-friendly charger called the iGo Charge Anywhere. This new charger has an internal battery that let you charge your devices in any location, even when an outlet is not available. Using iGo’s interchangeable power tips, the iGo Charge Anywhere is compatible with nearly every mobile and gaming electronic device on the market.

The iGo Charge Anywhere lets you power two devices simultaneously while also charging the unit's integrated battery to use when away from an outlet. With collapsible wall blades that fold away, the iGo Charge Anywhere can store enough energy in its integrated battery to provide up to three full charges to many mobile devices without the need for replenishing.

“While we constantly develop new travel-friendly power solutions to simultaneously charge multiple devices, this lightweight charger is designed to be ultra portable for those who are on-the-go, especially while in the air,” said Michael D. Heil, president and chief executive officer of iGo. “This is a terrific power solution for use on airplanes, where travelers are frequently unable to find an outlet to charge their MP3 players, gaming devices, smartphones and other electronic devices that they use during their flights.”

Look for the iGo Charge Anywhere at RadioShack as well as online at www.iGo.com for approximately $50. The charger comes with one free tip for your mobile electronic device. For more information about the iGo Charge Anywhere, visit http://www.igo.com/iGo-Charge-anywhere-full-version/stry/videofile9.