Ignore No More Parental Control App Promises To Make Your Teen Check In And Hate You Even More

Being a teenager is "tough," or so we're hearing from various teenagers within earshot. Little do they know that things could be getting a lot tougher as soon as their parents get wind of Ignore No More. The brilliantly named app was developed by an annoyed and frustrated parent who, like so many parents, could not get their teenager to quickly respond to calls or text messages. Not to mention, the parent is the one paying the phone bill.

In an effort to remedy her own situation, Sharon Standifird researched and built an Android application that works as such: if the child won't respond, the parent can remotely lock the phone from doing anything except calling pre-defined people as well as 911. If the child wants to re-access the full functionality of the handset, they have to check in with the parent and retrieve the rotating password.

The creator says that the app has made her child respond far more quickly for fear of having their phone locked down, and if you're in a similar boat, you can pay $2 to have it installed on their phone as well.

As for teenage iPhone users? You're in luck, for now; there's no iOS version to speak of.