If You Can't Trust The Ready Teller, Who Can You Trust?

Well, as is often the case, the criminals aren't all that smart, but they sure are clever. These fellows in Manchester, England, grabbed transaction information right off the telephone line that connects cash machines to the telephone system:

Parsons or other gang members would use MP3 portable music players to record data transmitted from free-standing ATM cash machines. The data was then converted to readable numbers using a separate computer programme. The phone line running from the machine to an ordinary BT white socket was unplugged and a two-way adaptor inserted. The MP3 player was then placed between the ATM machine's output cable and the phone socket. The player would record the tones, which resemble the kind of sound emitted by a fax machine.

He was caught because he was in a car that made an illegal U-turn. Remember, when committing credit card fraud, always obey all posted traffic regulations.

Read the whole thing.

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