If It Was Any Good, Wouldn't Google Have Bought It Already?

Veoh, the latest internet video clip site, officially opens up today. It's banking on higher quality content, and DVD quality picture. Is it going to be YouTube on steroids -- or on tranquilizers?

San Diego-based Veoh Networks is the brainchild of onetime Internet piracy cop Dmitry Shapiro. After a year and a half of public testing, the site formally opens for business stocked with more than 100,000 videos by amateurs and professionals. As mainstream television networks and studios seek new online outlets, Shapiro hopes to take advantage of their growing discontent with Internet giant YouTube. To that end, he has found an investor with a distinct Hollywood pedigree: former Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Michael Eisner, who serves on Veoh's board of directors.

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Via:  Seattle Times
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