IE, Windows Market Share Take Hits in 2008

In December of 2007, Internet Explorer's market share was 76.04%. By December 2008, it had dropped to 68.15%, or 10.4%. Meanwhile, Firefox increased its market share from 16.8% to 21.34%, a rise of 27%.

These figures come from the latest browser share report from Net Applications.

Additionally, Safari rose from 5.59% in December 2007 to 7.93% in December 2008, which iis a 41.9% increase.

Google's Chrome only recently exited beta, and despite that has managed to reach a 1.04% market share by December 2008.

If instead you drill down into platform usage, you see that in December 2007 Windows still held over 90% of the market (remember, this is based on browser usage per OS) while MacOS was holding 7.31%. By December 2008, MacOS had risen 31.7% to 9.63%, while Windows had dropped to 88.68%.

If, however, you add in the iPhone market share, .44% in December of 2008, up 267% from .12% in December of 2007, Apple had over 10% of browser market share on a platform basis.

Net Applications’ monthly surveys are conducted by sampling browser data from some 160 million visits to Web sites operated by the firm’s clients. It's an atypical way of measuring market share, but it is a consistent form of measurement, at least.