id's Upcoming FPS Rage: Wow

A recent addition to the HotHardware forums, CRYSJON, posted a link to an awesome trailer for id's just announced first person shooter / driving game hybrid "Rage" that you all just have to see.  The game takes place in a post apocalyptic Earth decimated by a comet's impact.  But Rage will not be the typical indoor id shooter.  Rage is a new franchise for id and is a major departure from Quake or Doom...





During closed-door briefings at QuakeCon this past weekend, id revealed that the game is in simultaneous development for the PC, PS3, Xbox360 and Macintosh, and that it uses the 'id tech 5' engine which employs a second generation version of id's Megatexture technology.  As you can see in the screenshots above (captured from the trailer), the game will involve a combination of shooting and driving, and the visuals are nothing short of amazing.

Unfortunately, id hasn't given a solid release date, saying only that Rage will ship "when it's done."  Let's hope that means soon in geek-speak - this is definitely something we're looking forward to. 

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