Iconic Watch Maker Timex Leaps Aboard Smartwatch Trend With IronMan One GPS+ Watch

Up to this point, it's mostly been smartphone makers that have been aggressively pushing the smartwatch movement, but what about traditional watch makers? They've been sitting idly by waiting for the right time to pounce, and for Timex, the time has come. In collaboration with AT&T, Timex is jumping into the smartwatch space with the release of the Ironman One GPS+, a smartwatch of a different kind.

The Ironman One GPS+ is not only the first smartwatch to come from an authentic watch brand, it's also the first to offer consumers wireless connectivity without a smartphone. Timex skips the middleman (aka, your smartphone) and connects directly with AT&T's wireless network.

Timex Ironman One GPS

Some of the many features include email-based messaging, tracking capabilities that communicate the user's location to friends and family, a "Find Me Mode" to send an alert in case of an emergency, ability to track speed and distance in real-time, water resistance up to 50 meters, MP3 playback (via Bluetooth headset) with 4GB of memory to story music, an always-on and sunlight-readable high-resolution touch display, and more.

Timex is keeping mum on the specific hardware at this point, though it did say it worked with Qualcomm to build the Ironman One GPS+, which suggests a Snapdragon processor inside.

AT&T is offering HSPA connectivity free for one year with the purchase of a Timex Ironman One GPS+. The cost of the watch will be $399.95 when it becomes available later this fall.