iBoy Parody Shows What Happens to Old iDevices

April 1 has come and gone, and it's too bad this wasn't uploaded on that day. Eretz Nehederet is a satirical Israeli television show, and reportedly, on the 1st of April, the show covered the iBoy, a new product from the folks in Cupertino (at least, on April Fools' Day).

When the son in the beginning of the spoof asks if his new brother is coming from God, the answer his father says is "almost." The father points to the family's TV, where Steve Jobs is talking.

The family had a problem, at first, switching the language on the iBoy to Hebrew, but they finally managed it.

Eventually, jealousy ruled, and the original son disconnected the iBoy from the charger. Fortunately for the iBoy, he turned up his volume so Mom could hear. While son No. 1 claimed iBoy was lying, it was all captured on YouTube.

Sadly, then came iBoy 2. He was "perfect," and much thinner, Mom and Dad proclaimed. The iBoy was cast aside. It sort of is a perfect example of Apple fanboyism, or in this case, fan-parentism.

For those who upgraded their iPads to an iPad 2, did you cast it aside, as the parents did with the iBoy?

Watch the video below. Don't worry; there are subtitles.

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