IBM in Talks to Acquire Mobile Virtualization Software Maker, Red Bend

IBM isn't afraid to spend big bucks acquiring companies of all shapes and sizes, hence it should come as no surprise that Big Blue is reportedly close to striking a deal for Red Bend Software, an Israeli firm that deals with mobile software management technology.

According to Reuters, the potential deal could be worth anywhere from $200 million to $250 million. IBM is willing to make such a hefty investment because it's drawn to Red Bend Software's mobile virtualization technology, which allows multiple operating systems to be run on a mobile phone. In doing so, phone makers are better able to add embedded services and issue remote updates over-the-air (vRapid Mobile).

IBM Building
Image Source: Flickr (Morgaine)

Red Bend Software's client list is rather long and prominent. It includes companies such as Asus, Dell, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, and several other well known firms.