IBM And Streetline Look To Make City Parking Smarter

Annoyed with the amount of traffic rolling through your city? Can't get over the awful parking issues? You aren't alone. In a bid to continue making the world a smarter place, IBM has teamed up with Streetline in order to address a huge, still-unsolved city issue: parking. The collaboration is set to help cities of all sizes reduce congestion, better manage parking availability and resources and put information at people’s fingertips to find parking faster. Combining information management and advanced analytics from IBM with data gathered from parking sensors and applications from Streetline will allow cities to make smarter and more timely decisions related to parking and their transportation systems. Officials will be able to use this Smarter Parking solution to better understand parking patterns so they can improve citizen services, optimize revenue and more effectively allocate city resources.

Around the world, commuters deal with the daily struggle of finding a parking space. In fact, experts estimate that this causes 30 percent of urban traffic congestion. A global survey of commuters in 20 international cities conducted by IBM found that in the past year, nearly six out of 10 drivers had abandoned their search for a parking space at least once and drivers have spent an average of nearly 20 minutes in pursuit of a coveted spot.  

IBM and Streetline will help cities deal with some of the toughest transportation challenges they face around parking. In the future, insight from the historical and real-time data being gathered can help cities become more proactive in anticipating how parking and their transportation network interacts with other city services and plan accordingly from how it might affect economic development and merchant services to how to appropriately schedule mass transit to how best to plan around infrastructure projects or special events.

The Smarter Parking Starter Kit, being announced today, is a pre-integrated solution that includes instrumentation, connectivity and intelligence. This solution is designed to help cities "get out of park" and improve parking services, optimize operations and help reduce congestion. The kit is supposed to provide real-time information to allow citizens and visitors to find parking more easily, gather, analyze and act on information about parking resources and services to optimize revenue, analyze real-time information to better model and anticipate problems to reduce congestion, more appropriately price parking based on demand and provide enhanced services to citizens and integrate real-time information from on-street and off-street parking to enable collaborative decision making for rapid response to events, changes in parking availability and demand.

Sounds like a bold set of claims, but coming from the company that invented Watson, we'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt. Our parking spaces could sure use a bit of that success.
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