i975X runs SLI now with Forceware 84.43

OC Workbench reports that NVIDIA's Forceware 84.43 drivers can enable SLI functionality on Intel's i975X platform. There are some rumors that ATI's RD580 and Uli1697 can also be "unlocked" to have SLI functionality though those boards have not yet been tested fully. The irony here is that Intel's own chipset seems to be the most flexible in terms of multi-GPU support with both SLI and Crossfire natively supported.

Our reader send us a note that the latest Forceware 84.43 now enables SLI to Intel 975X board. The screen shot below shows that it can be done. Looks like the i975X can run CrossFire, SLI and Multichrome. It will also be able to run Conroe. Looks like it is the best platform so far.


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