"I Invented The Internet" Looks Good On A Resume

No, we're not referring to the former vice-president with the weather fetish. Vint Cerf is a vice-president over at Google, and if anyone can claim to have invented the internet, it's him. Working with Bob Kahn in 1973, they came up with the TCP/IP protocol that allows computers to communicate with one another and makes the net possible. Mr. Cerf has offered a warning that the reliability of the internet is being undermined, and had some insights into why that is.

“The biggest hole we have is with internet browsers, because we have too much access to the functionality of the operating system,” he said, explaining that this made it easy to be infected by viruses and “Trojans”, malicious programs that can be used to take control of a computer.

He was also worried about the security of computer operating systems, but emphasised he was not trying to open up a new front in Google’s increasingly competitive relationship with Microsoft, saying: “I’m not suggesting we point the finger at one company – all operating systems have various weaknesses.”

Cerf recounts his "job interview"  for Google. He e-mailed Google's chief executive in 2005, and wondered if they needed any help.  He received a return e-mail:

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Via:  Timesonline
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