HyperX Unveils New Gaming Peripherals And 3D Printed Keycaps To Spruce Up Your Desk

hyperx pulsefire haste2 and clutch gladiate
At CES 2023 HyperX has provided us with a new set of mice, a brand new peripheral, and one more little surprise. Those products unveiled were an update to the HyperX Pulsefire Haste mouse line, a new wired Xbox controller, and with the help of parent company HP's color 3D printing, some very unique customizations for your peripherals and your gaming space. It all looks very cool, so lets check it out.

First let's start with the Xbox controller. The HyperX Clutch Gladiate is a wired controller that fits squarely in the budget controller bracket with an MSRP of $34.99. It's definitely not the first budget friendly peripheral from the company, but that doesn't mean HyperX's first licensed Xbox controller is without compelling features. It includes remappable rear buttons, trigger locks that can reduce the trigger pull time, textured grips, and dual rumble motors. So a new challenger has entered the fray when it comes to third party controllers. The device will also work with Windows and is slated for release in March.

Next there's the update to the HyperX Haste mouse lineup, the HyperX Pulsefire Haste 2 and Haste 2 Wireless. These two mice look to be a solid follow-ups to an already capable interface device option that HyperX has had on the market. The Haste 2 has a new design, new HyperX branded dust-proof switches, and a 26K DPI sensor.

The switches can support up to 100 million clicks, according to HyperX. These mice are lightweight, with the wireless weighing only 61 grams, and the wired checking in at a mere 53 grams. Of course, what is a gaming peripheral without RGB? So that's available through the Ngenuity app. They will come in black or white, and the wireless MSRP is $79.99 while the wired is $59.99. The mice will be available in April of this year.

Image of Some of the HX3D Keycaps HyperX may offer

Lastly there's the most unique offering HyperX announced this year, and that uniqueness is an attempt to help you customize your gaming station. With the help of parent company HP's color 3D printing department, HyperX has announced that it intends to start providing customization products to add to your real life environment. The platform, titled HX3D, is starting with a custom keycap named Cozy Cat Coco at an MSRP of $19.99.

“We know gamers love customization, spending a lot of time and effort to update all kinds of in-game items, from characters to skins to weapons and beyond,” said global head of marketing at HyperX, Daniel Kelley.  “HX3D is taking this love of personalizing a gaming experience to the physical world and enabling a wide range of fun ways to update and customize our award-winning HyperX gear.” 

The long term plans of the HX3D look to include keycaps, headset earcaps, accessories, microphone stands, headset stands, figurines, and collectibles. The intent is to collaborate with influencers, game developers and publishers, content creators, esports teams, and others to provide more unique offerings through the program as time goes on.

HyperX HX3D Sizzle Reel Video

All of these updates and announcements seem really cool to us, and we're working hard to give you all we see and hear at CES this year, so stick with us throughout the show for more news and announcements.