Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. Company Formed To Bring Musk's Vision Into Reality

The eventual success of Elon Musk’s proposed Hyperloop transportation system that promises to offer fast mass transit in record time is by no means assured, but there continues to be steps taken toward that end. After Drs. Marco Villa and Patricia Galloway signed up for the project, the team formed an actual company called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, and they have a plan.

There are four sections to the project--System, Capsule, Tube, and Manufacturing, Integration, and Test--and each section will have a lead that works under Villa and Galloway. Each section leader and teams of volunteers will explore the questions pertinent to each subject and attempt to conquer the problems that arise.

Hyperloop transportation capsule

The company is assigning leads, working out partnerships with companies, nailing down all the legal miscellany pertaining to being a company and handling finances and starting next week (and running nearly into March of 2014), the group will start digging into engineering discussions in earnest while heavily fundraising.

Hyperloop from LA to San Francisco
The Hyperloop promises a run from L.A. to San Francisco in 35 minutes

They plan to accept bids for the construction of of the prototype as early as next summer, with demo events slated for Q1 2015. If they can turn around a working prototype in one year and a few months, that will be a feat for the ages.