Hynix Brings World's Fastest 1GB Mobile DRAM

South Korean DRAM giant Hynix has recently crafted the world’s fastest and smallest chip for cell phones and other portable devices. The Incheon-based company said that the chip is the first 1 GB mobile DRAM, built on 66nm process technology, to be commercially available in the industry.
“The finer processing geometry reduces die size and improves the speed and power efficiency of the device. The new chip consumes very low power, under worst case conditions, extending battery life in a wide range of portable electronic devices.”
Mobile DRAM chips are commonly used in handheld and wireless devices, including cell phones, digital and video cameras, portable game consoles, and navigation systems. Hynix expects to mass produce the chips beginning in Q1 of 2008.

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Via:  Fareastgizmos
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