Humble Bundle Kicks Off 'Humble Brag' Series With 5 New Games For 2020

one step hb

Usually when we talk about Humble Bundle, we're talking about a game bundle that has multiple previously published titles bundled together for one price. Often that's a very good price netting gamers a serious deal on some cool video games. Humble Bundle is now publishing some first-party video games that are mostly retro independent titles, and the first video in the "Humble Brag" series goes live today. The first video announces new publishing partnerships and games that are launching this year.

Among the upcoming titles are "One Step From Eden" launching on March 26 on PC and the Nintendo Switch. The game is described as a strategic deck-building and real-time action title with rogue-like elements. Players can choose how they play the game with options to be merciful or destroy everything. Players can fight alone or with a friend in co-op casting powerful spells, battling evolving enemies and collecting game-changing artifacts.

fae tactics hb

"Fae Tactics" is a game that will land in the spring of 2020 on PC and the Nintendo Switch this game follows a young magic-user named Peony on a journey across a world described as being full of mystery and danger. Players can summon allies, cast spells, and make friends with a wide crew of characters as they pursue the conflict between man and magical creatures known as the fae.

wildfire hb

Humble Brag is also talking up new partnerships with one of the new partnership titles called "Wildfire." This game allows players to master the elements to rescue captured villagers and reclaim their home by turning the environment against the Army sent to destroy them. This stealth game allows players to start fires, freeze water, and move earth to outsmart superstitious enemies.

ambition hb

Another title is called "Ambition: A Minuet In Power" and is described as a "romantic, rogue-lite visual novel." In the game, players are a "woman of fashion" in 18th century Paris abandoned by her fiancé. Players will seize love, wealth, and power by whatever means necessary in an adventure where choices change the course of history.

prodeus hb

"Prodeus" is an old-school first-person shooter that has been reimagined using modern graphics and rendering techniques. The game includes a level editor and an in-game community map workshop. Humble Brag says that the game aims at reaching the quality expected from a AAA experience while sticking within the technical limits of older hardware.

ring of pain hb

The last of the games in the partnership realm is "Ring of Pain" and "The Iron Oath." The former game is a card game described as a "randomized, chaos embracing" dungeon-crawling card came. The goal is to manage inventory, strategize, and learn and adapt. The latter is a turn-based tactical RPG in a dark fantasy world where players take on missions using a band of mercenaries.

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