Humane Ai Pin Takes To The Runway At Paris Fashion Show Powered By Snapdragon

hero humane ai pin demo
The Humane Ai Pin, powered by Snapdragon, debuted publicly at the Paris Fashion Show. The company, founded by former Apple employees, says it wants to make technology invisible while still providing and enhancing all the features and benefits of current technology.

Humane, Inc. announced its Humane Ai Pin in July 2023. It is the company's first product, a standalone wearable device with a software platform that harnesses the power of AI to provide an innovative personal computing experience to the user. Imran Chaudhri, the co-founder of Humane, talked about the Humane Ai Pin during a Ted Talk titled "The disappearing computer - and a world where you can take AI everywhere." While he did not go in-depth as to what the device is fully capable of, he did give a glimpse of the company's vision.

humane ai pin paris fashion show
Humane Ai Pin being shown at Paris Fashion show.

Chaudrhi remarked during his Ted Talk, "It (Humane Ai Pin) interacts with the world the way you interact with the world. Hearing what you hear. Seeing what you see while being privacy first and safe and completely fading into the background of your life."

Humane is collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies for its Humane Ai Pin, powered by an advanced Snapdragon platform. Dev Singh, Vice President of Business Development of Qualcomm Technologies, commented, "We are proud to be collaborating with Humane and that this first-of-a-kind clothing-based wearable device will be powered by Snapdragon." He continued, "Its revolutionary and sleek form factor is packed with powerful performance so that it can make sense of real-time contextual information and provide the wearer with a new and exciting experience. We cannot wait to see where they take this device."

A Qualcomm representative told HotHardware that while it cannot give specifics as to which Snapdragon solution is inside the Humane Ai Pin, Humane chose Snapdragon "because of our expertise in on-device AI, processing power, and our ability to pack it all into a sleek form factor, such as a wearable pin."

The device itself is a screenless, standalone device and software platform built from the ground up for AI. It uses a range of sensors that enable natural and intuitive compute interactions and is designed to fade into the background of the user's life completely. It does not need to be paired with a smartphone or other companion device because the Snapdragon platform powers it (possibly the XR2 Gen 2 platform that powers the new Meta Quest 3).

While most of the capabilities are still unknown, it can perform functions like AI-powered optical recognition, take phone calls while projecting details onto a hand, and translate different languages in the user's voice. One other function Chaudhri showed during his Ted Talk was a "catch me up" function, where the device summarizes news and information the user may have missed.

Humane plans on unveiling its Humane Ai Pin in full on November 9, 2023. At that time, the world will discover just how capable this AI device is, more about the Snapdragon platform that powers it, and whether it can be more than just a fashion statement.