Hulu Recommends Three New Immersive Hulu Plus iOS Apps

It's a big, big week for iOS, and Apple in general. But one piece of news that just so happens to be Apple-related didn't launch at WWDC. Instead, Hulu simply chose this week to highlight a couple of newer iOS apps that integrate Hulu Plus in a "compelling and fun way." The company points out a handful of new apps that makes immersing yourself into Hulu content that much more if you needed the help in pulling yourself away from reality and into yet another web show.

The full list is shown below, but we tend to prefer Fanhattan, which launched in earnest at All Things D last week in California. Feel free to try any or all of 'em...during all that spare time you've found lately.

IntoNow makes connecting with your favorite shows fun by identifying what you are watching on TV by listening to the show. All you have to do is tap the green button, and your phone will say ‘listen,’ and then tell you what you are watching. If the show you are watching is available on Hulu Plus, you can click on it and launch your Hulu Plus app.

i.TV allows you to find out what is on TV right now as well as what is available for on-demand viewing later. All you have to do is select your favorite show, click “Hulu Plus”, choose the episode you want, and it will launch your Hulu Plus app.

Fanhattan launched an iPad app that allows you to search for popular TV shows and movies, find ratings, learn about the cast and crew, buy related merchandise, and, of course, watch on Hulu Plus.
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