Hulu Plus Subscription Service Could Kill All-Free Implementation

Now that you've been sucked in and have grown hopelessly addicted to Hulu, it looks like you may have to pay in order to continue getting "your fix." Since its introduction, Hulu has been free to end-users. They simply logged on, selected a show, and enjoyed the stream (so long as they watched the ads). It felt somewhat too good to be true, but given the general push to consume content in atypical ways, we figured it may just be the way of the future. Now, we get the feeling that we may have made that assumption too soon.

According to a report at the Los Angeles Times, Hulu may only be totally free for another month or so. Starting on May 24th, Hulu Plus may become a reality. The story goes something like this: Hulu Plus would require a $9.95 per month subscription fee, which would allow viewers to watch shows older than the most recent five. Those who don't want to pay can still see the most recent five episodes of any given show on Hulu, so at least that's a bit plus.

Hulu had been making money since its inception, but obviously not enough. Advertising revenues have remained strong, but the executives at Hulu would prefer to bring in that money plus subscription fees, and frankly, it'll take a change like this to convince consumers that all content isn't just without any cost whatsoever. Hulu has yet to say if these reports are true or false, but everything makes perfect sense. We've heard rumors of of Hulu charging for access in the past, but only charging the heaviest users seems like a nice compromise. It's better than charging everyone for every piece of access, and so long as you keep up-to-date on viewing, you won't really have a need to view the archives.

Would you pay $10/month to enjoy all of Hulu? Would you ditch your cable company in order to do so?