Hulu: Coming to a desktop near you

In an effort to "provide the best video viewing experience possible" on our "lappity-toppity boxes," Hulu has launched a desktop app that eliminates the need for a browser when watching vids.

They thought of all their fans, and created a PC and a Mac version. It gives you a full-screen view that you can control with your mouse and keyboard or six-button PC or Mac remotes.

Hulu Desktop is the first project to come out of Hulu Labs, which was opened this week on the site. The Labs, kind of like Google Labs, will provide users with an advance look at upcoming releases, tools, upgrades and the like.

Hulu Desktop

The other new options released in the Labs this week:

• Recommendation engines: Based on what you've watched in the past, what you might like to watch in the future.

• Video Panel Designer: Wanna easily integrate a Hulu video player into your blog, site, whatever? These'll help you build widgets.

• Time-based browsing: If you can't quite remember the name of that new show, but know what day/time it was originally broadcast, you can search using those parameters.

Everything in the Hulu Labs is in beta, naturally, so expect some tweaks and they're definitely looking for feedback.

So they've also opened the Hulu Labs discussion board, where you can feedback to your heart's content.
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