Huge Discount On Machine Learning With Python Course And E-Book Bundle In The HotHardware Shop

If you’re looking to dive into the bleeding-edge field of machine learning, we’ve got a deal running in the HotHardware Shop that may be right for you. A Machine Learning with Python Course and E-Book Bundle is currently discounted by 92% and available for under 50 bucks...

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Deep learning is the intersection of statistics, artificial intelligence, and data to build accurate models, and is one of the most important new frontiers in technology. TensorFlow is one of the newest and most comprehensive libraries for implementing deep learning. Over this course you'll explore some of the possibilities of deep learning, and how to use TensorFlow to process data more effectively than ever.
  • Access 22 lectures & 2 hours of content 24/7 
  • Discover the efficiency & simplicity of TensorFlow 
  • Process & change how you look at data 
  • Sift for hidden layers of abstraction using raw data 
  • Train your machine to craft new features to make sense of deeper layers of data 
  • Explore logistic regression, convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, high level interfaces, & more
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