Huawei Mate 30 Blocked From Launching With Google's Critical Android OS And Apps

Huawei has found itself in more than a little bit of trouble with the sanctions handed out against the company by the Trump administration. The sanctions prevent Huawei for using a licensed version of Android on its devices and from using Google apps and services on its devices. Despite the ban, Huawei is moving forward with the unveiling of the Mate 30.

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The Mate 30 will launch at an event in Germany on September 18 according to a source cited in a Reuters report. The Mate 30 is a 5G smartphone and will be Huawei's first major flagship device that will launch without licensed Android and Google services. Google has confirmed that the Mate 30 can't be sold with licensed Google apps and services due to the U.S. ban on sales to the Chinese smartphone maker. The White House has issued Huawei a temporary reprieve on existing products, but that doesn't apply to new products like the Mate 30 according to a Google spokesman.

There is a way for Google to seek to get specific products exempted from the Huawei ban, but Google hasn't said if it has applied for a license to offer Google Mobile Services to the Chinese company. Google has stated in the past that it wants to supply Huawei with licensed Android and other apps and services. 

Reuters has reported that the U.S. Commerce Department has received over 130 applications from companies wanting licenses to provide goods to Huawei, but none have been granted thus far. Huawei has stated that it intends to continue to launch high-end smartphones, like the Mate 30, series without access to Google software and apps. The company has prepared for losing access to Android and has shown off its HarmonyOS replacement. While the Mate 30 will be unveiled on September 18, it's unclear when the device might go on sale.