Huawei And Vodafone Complete World's First 2 Tbit/s WDM Transmission Trial

In the world of Internet use, we can't really ever get enough speed. Thus, we're thrilled to see two leading networking companies sharing resources in order to produce yet another "world's first" in the art of transmission. Huawei and Vodafone this week announced the successful trial of 2 Tbit/s optical fiber transmission technologies on Vodafone's live network. The field trial achieved 2 Tbit/s transmission capabilities of over 3,325km. This provides a data highway capacity 20-times higher than current commercially deployed 100Gbit/s systems and has a speed equivalent to downloading 40 HD videos in one second.

Both transmissions were on a link with G.652 fibers and erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) without electrical regeneration. The link used in the trial was on Vodafone's backbone network, passing through a few cities across middle and south Germany. The reason for all of this? According to each of the companies, traffic on backbone networks is "growing exponentially." "We are at the forefront of global 100G deployments, and have taken the lead in delivering key breakthroughs in technologies beyond 100G. Through collaboration with Vodafone and other leading international operators and customer-centric R&D, Huawei is always ready to build advanced optical networks for customers," said Jack Wang, president of Huawei's transport network product line.

There's no clear path to commercial installation, but there's little doubt that each company is looking into it -- after all, what's the point in doing the trials if you aren't trying to roll it out to the masses in short order?