HTC’s First Smartwatch To Debut Alongside Flagship One M9 'Hima' In March

HTC made it clear at CES 2015 that it’s ready to move beyond phones. The Re camera is a prime example of HTC’s expansion into new territory, but its partnerships with Under Armour and other brands also signaled a shift in HTC’s strategy. If the rumors are true, we’ll see another product to come from HTC when it announces its next flagship phone on March 1: a smartwatch that connects to the Under Armour Record fitness service.

Smartwatches were everywhere at CES 2015. This Peak smartwatch by Basis will be one of many that an HTC smartwatch would be competing with for your fitness device dollars.

If HTC plans to launch a smartwatch, it’s successfully kept the news under wraps. The sheer size of the fitness section at the Consumer Electronics Show this year made clear just how fast the fitness device industry is pulling in major players, which means HTC is going to have dive right in with something new to differentiate itself. The partnership with Under Armour and its popular Under Armour Record app is a start, but it’s not clear whether that will be enough.

The smartwatch is expected to be announced at the same time HTC unveils its “Hima” smartphone, which may be named the One M9. We took a look at a possible picture of the new smartphone a few days ago and liked what we saw. The phone is likely to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM, though the screen resolution may not make it into QHD territory.