HTC Vive Focus Plus VR Headset Launches April 15 For $799

Last month HTC officially announced the new Vive Focus Plus VR headset and gave up most of the details at that time. HTC bills the Focus Plus as a professional-grade, portable VR solution for enterprise applications. The headset is designed to be easy to deploy in environments where multiple headsets will be in use and easy to manage. We're not being given an exact launch date and pricing on the headset.

vive focus 1

HTC will launch the Vive Focus Plus on April 15, and the headset will sell for $799. HTC hails the Focus Plus as an enterprise-focused standalone VR headset. That means it needs no external computer to function. Controllers for the Focus Plus offer 6-degrees of freedom to support VR navigation via hand motions. The controllers also have a pressure sensitive trigger to allow manipulation of objects in a virtual environment.

The headset utilizes all-new lenses that promise to allow users to see more detail with improved clarity compared to previous headsets. Focus Plus is designed for more comfort than previous designs promising to be comfortable to wear all day. The construction of the headset is easy-to-clean for use by multiple people throughout a day.

HTC had previously announced the hardware that would be inside the headset, but to recap the display used in the headset is a 2880 x 1600 resolution 3K AMOLED unit with a 75Hz refresh rate and adjustable IPD. The chipset running the show is a Snapdragon 835 and internal storage is 2TB. Power comes from an integrated rechargeable battery good for up to three hours of active user per charge that supports QC3.0 fast charging.

Connectivity include a USB-C port and 802.11a/n/ac 5GHz WiFi. The Vive Focus Plus controller uses a pair of AAA batteries good for up to four hours of active use. The controller features 6DoF ultrasonic and IMU fusion tracking along with a trackpad, trigger, grip button, menu button, and VIVE button.