HTC Unveils One X Android 4.0 Smartphone, Coming To AT&T

You can expect plenty of phone news from Mobile World Congress this week, including quite a bit from HTC. The company has teamed with AT&T in order to announce the HTC One X, which will bring LTE, Beats Audio and Ice Cream Sandwich to the U.S. carrier. It'll be exclusive to AT&T in the States, but available on other carriers globally. It will be the first smartphone on AT&T to feature Android 4.0 + 4G LTE, and will also feature HTC Sense 4, the new version of HTC's branded user experience that introduces ImageSense, a suite of camera and imaging features with improvements to every part of the camera.

Specs-wise, the phone will have a 4.7" 720p HD display, a wireless HDMI Media Link HD Adapter, Gorilla Glass on the display, and built-in software that allows users to more easily manage their music. With ImageSense, HTC One X's 8MP HD camera rivals traditional digital cameras with improvements to every part of the camera including the lens, sensor and software, while integrating the new HTC ImageChip. The combination reduces noise, removes color bias and enhances picture quality in photos and videos. More than just megapixels, its best-in-class f-2.0 lens with a backside illuminated sensor takes amazing pictures in low light and its quick launch feature makes sure you never miss an important moment.

It takes less than one second to launch the camera from the lock screen and the camera's autofocus locks in on your subject in under a second, to take nearly unlimited continuous shots simply by holding the shutter button. To ensure the best shot is captured, HTC ImageSense also introduces autoburst which will automatically take a burst of shots if the subject moves while you press the shutter button. A high dynamic range (HDR) feature presents more contrast in captured photos and enables the camera to capture multiple photos from one instance, each with a different exposure level, layering the images together to create a single photo that combines the best parts of each for a more accurate range of light across the image.

The 1080p HD video camera automatically removes jitters and lets you lock the focus on a moving object. Slow motion video recording is also possible at a maximum of 108 frames per second. Clearly, they're shooting at the iPhone 4S' camera here.

It'll also have a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core CPU, and an 1800mAh battery as well. No pricing has been announced, but it'll be available in the coming months.