HTC Sinks Teeth Into SyncTV, Expands Yet Again

HTC may best be known as a smartphone maker, but recently, they've been branching out in a major way. Just days after rumors flared that HTC had purchased MOG, the music streaming service, in comes official news that the Taiwan-based company has partnered with Intertrust. It's part of a strategic initiative to improve the robustness, privacy and security of Android and Windows Phone mobile devices, which sees HTC paying up to license Intertrust's patents, securing worldwide access to Intertrust's fundamental patent portfolio in trusted distributed computing and digital rights management (DRM).

Further, as a part of HTC’s ongoing efforts to create comprehensive mobile experiences for consumers, it has acquired 20% of Intertrust’s SyncTV subsidiary. SyncTV is a cloud-based video service that delivers video over the Internet to a broad set of devices, including Android, Windows Phone, XBOX, iOS and Internet-enabled televisions. HTC has also licensed Intertrust’s broadly deployed open standards based Marlin DRM software. Marlin DRM is used to protect and manage content in various national video distribution ecosystems in Japan, China and Europe.

“HTC’s growth in the smartphone market is admirable, their innovative devices have come to define a category and have been broadly emulated by others,” said Talal Shamoon, chief executive officer of Intertrust. “We are honored that HTC has licensed Intertrust technology and we look forward to working together in areas of mutual interest.”

Something tells us HTC isn't going to sit around on its laurels while Apple and the rest make their move...