HTC Says Bring It Apple, "We’re Not Settling"

Time will tell what kind of impact Apple's successful patent trial over Samsung will have on the rest of the Android community, but despite the swift billion dollar verdict, other Google partners aren't necessarily shaking in their boots. In fact, HTC, once a dominant force in the Android arena (much like Samsung is now), wants to make it crystal clear that it has no intentions of settling with Apple.

According to reports, HTC is exuding confidence in itself, in its ability to fight lawsuits with Apple, and in being able to innovate. HTC chairperson Cher Wang was quick to point out that Samsung's loss doesn't translate into the failure of the Android ecosystem as a whole.


"We don't see the case having an impact on the way we do business, as it involved phone design more than Android features," an HTC spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal in an email. "As an innovator, HTC respects intellectual property and patent rights, and their enforcement. We aren't a party to this case, and we continue to do what we do best: focus on bringing innovative mobile experiences to consumers."

HTC is still heavily invested in Android, so much so that a little more than 9 out 10 (92 percent) of the company's smartphone shipments are Android devices. It's also worth noting that HTC and Apple are engaged in their own legal scuffle over patents, and have been for years.
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