HTC Reportedly Cancels Plans To Release 5.5-Inch One M8 Prime Handset

Smartphones that are the roughly the size of Texas don't exactly dominate the handset category, but there's certainly an audience for so-called phablet devices. Hence why HTC launched the One Max last year, a bigger sized version of the One and the foil to Samsung's popular Galaxy Note family. This year HTC was supposed follow up the release of its One M8 with the One M8 Prime, but it looks like those plans have been scrapped.

"If you were salty at having purchased an HTC One (M8) when news of the M8 Prime hit, prepare to feel vindicated: development on Prime has been suspended indefinitely," Twitter user @evleaks posted to his website.

HTC One Max

You can file this under "R" for "Rumor Status," but it's worth mentioning that @evleaks is often correct with his pre-release information. That's bad news if you were looking forward to what the Prime might offer, which starts with a reported 5.5-inch quad high definition (qHD) display with a 2560x1440 resolution.

It's also been rumored that the Prime would wield a high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, a larger camera with improved optics, and 3GB of RAM, all of which would come wrapped in an aluminum-silicon hybrid chassis. That's not a bad collection of hardware.