HTC RE Camera Now Supports Live Streaming To YouTube

HTC is best known for its line of smartphones, especially its flagship HTC One series; just don't peg the Taiwanese company as a one trick pony. More recently, HTC launched its RE camera. While it's not quite the GoPro competitor as speculated prior to its release, it does look like a nifty device, and it's getting even niftier -- at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, HTC announced that its RE camera now supports live streaming to YouTube.

At the moment, only 
Android device owners can participate in the streaming fun. After applying a free update to the RE app in the Google Play store (it will be available for iOS later this quarter), YouTube users can connect the camera to their YouTube channel and send a live broadcast link to viewers anywhere around the globe.

recamera 4

"The live streaming feature is a simple-to-use and handy add-on to get the most out of video capture, making it easy to broadcast a piano recital, snorkeling adventure, puppy cam and more," HTC says. "With the RE app, sign in to your YouTube channel and activate live streaming. Once verified, broadcasting from your RE is a snap. Any live footage you wish to share is transmitted directly from RE to your smartphone, which then sends your broadcast to your YouTube channel."

Those who aren't able to watch your content as it happens can still click on the link after the fact -- it remains active after the broadcast ends. HTC also points out that viewers don't need a YouTube channel to view your live streams, which can either be broadcast in public mode for anyone who has the link (or discovers it), or in private mode so only those you share it with can watch.

The RE camera is available now for $200 in white or orange. There's also a Navy color available exclusive at Best Buy. Regardless of color, they all come with a 16MP sensor capable of Full HD 1080p videos at 30fps, microSD card slot (8GB card included), 802.11n Wi-Fi, micro USB, 720p 4x slow motion video capture, and more.
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