HTC Puccini Passes FCC: AT&T's First LTE Tablet?

HTC's Flyer came and went fairly quietly. It's a top-tier tablet, for sure, and it's one of the only 7" tablets on the market today with a significant amount of clout (the original Galaxy Tab notwithstanding). So, is this HTC's next attempt in the wide-open tablet market?

Looks like it! This is an FCC image of the HTC Puccini, a 10" slate with an obvious HTC logo, a typical rounded HTC design, and a rear-facing camera. According to the FCC filing, this slate has a model number of PG90410, and based on the supported frequencies, it could be on its way to AT&T's network. Aside from supporting the carrier's typical GSM and HSPA 3G bands, there's also an LTE radio included here, which means this could very well be the network's very first LTE tablet. The diagram also seems to showcase a SIM card slot, which makes sense for any device that would be headed to a GSM carrier.

Earlier in the year, it was rumored that a 10" HTC slate would be launched in the June time frame, but since that's obviously already past hopes are that it's just being delayed for the sake of adding an LTE radio. An FCC filing generally means that shipment is imminent, but until we get the word from HTC or AT&T, there's no real way of knowing if this very tablet will be able to make readers' back-to-school shopping lists.
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