HTC Planning To Showcase Smartwatch To Carriers As Early As Next Week

According to a new Bloomberg report, HTC is planning to showcase its own smartwatch as early as next week at Mobile World Congress. The handset maker, despite world-class hardware and rave reviews, has struggled to secure market share in the high-end smartphone realm. Out-marketing a giant like Samsung has proven difficult, if not outright impossible, leaving the company with little choice but to change course and focus on lower-end devices in the coming quarters. But it's also continuing to innovate in other areas, as it should.

Under the watch's face will (reportedly) be a Qualcomm processor - yet another company that'll be at MWC. The product itself is evidently not ready for public consumption, as it will only be shown to carriers and prospecive partners in closed-door meetings. HTC's watch is likely to be based on Android, and will perhaps feature Google Now.

A watch that doubled as a digital assistant could prove to be quite the hit, though HTC does have to worry over Samsung doling out a second-generation Galaxy Gear watch, and there's always the possibility that Apple will follow suit. Still, for a struggling company, digging into the next big trend sure feels like a wise decision.