HTC One Max 6-Inch Android Phone Leaks, Coming to Verizon

There isn't a ton of competition when it comes to phablets. By and large, the most popular phablet devices belong to Samsung and its Galaxy Note line, the latest and greatest being the Galaxy Note 3. There are a spattering of alternatives available, just not many, and curiously absent is an entry from HTC. We say it's curious because if you're shopping a high-end Android smartphone, many people narrow their choices down to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Why not bring that same level of competition to the phablet market?

It would appear that's what HTC intends to do, according to a forum user on Android Central who posted what he claims are pics of a Verizon branded HTC One Max.

HTC One Max
Source: Android Central forum user "Jeremy Kessous"

"My friend who works for Verizon retail sent me these pictures today. He works at a Verizon in New Jersey," the poster stated. "Two pictures of a Verizon branded HTC One Max. Not much detail here, but a comparison to an iPhone 5 on the table, and size in hand. Phone looks pretty good and at least Verizon decided to slap their logo right where HTC's is supposed to go."

Indeed, details are almost completely absent, though the pictures, if legit, show an enlarged HTC One device. He claims that there's a fingerprint scanner on the back, and that the back itself is removable. Perhaps that means the battery is user-replaceable.

It's not clear if the supposed HTC One Max would retain the Beats Audio technology after HTC recently sold off its stake in the company. In any event, it's a pretty sweet looking device if you're into large size smartphones. As far as availability, the poster says based on past phones, Verizon employees usually get their hands on demo models 2-4 weeks before they become available.