HTC One M8 For Windows, Lumia 640 Owners Can Now Access Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080

Windows 10 took a big step towards completion when Microsoft released build 10080 for Windows 10 Mobile, but a few users were left out. The mobile operating system preview didn’t support certain phones, including the HTC One M8 and the Lumia 640 for Verizon users. Now, everyone is invited to the Windows 10 Mobile party.

Microsoft released a new version of Windows 10 Mobile preview that supports phones previously left out

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul noted that One M8 for Verizon would be on the sidelines when he announced build 10080 about a week ago. Aul urged users to sit tight and promised that support was on its way. Today, Aul got the word out on Twitter. “#WindowsInsiders with Lumia 640 or HTC One running GDR2 – we now have an upgrade hop for you to build 10080 so you can install,” Aul wrote.  

Windows 10 Mobile is expected to appear after Windows 10 arrives for PCs (later this year). You can try it out now by joining the Windows Insider Program, but keep in mind that you’ll be working with a preview version of the operating system. You’ll likely encounter bugs or missing features. If you’re risk-averse, stick with the OS already on your phone and wait for the retail version of Windows 10 Mobile to arrive.
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