HTC Nixing 12" Windows RT Table Due To Weak Overall Projected Demand

It's perhaps the ultimate Catch 22. HTC needs to expand into more frontiers beyond the smartphone one in order to generate more revenue. But it lacks the revenue to expand into new product segments. Years back, HTC actually tried its hand at a tablet. While the device did well in reviews, hardly anyone actually purchased it. Such has been the case with the company's phones of late, too. Samsung has been eating every other Android phone maker alive, swallowing nearly all of the profits for the Android phone segment.

As the HTC One attempts to gain traction, the company is reportedly nixing plans to debut a monster 12" Windows RT tablet. Why? It suspects weak demand for Windows RT in general, and honestly, it's tough to blame them. Samsung too killed off plans to bring select Windows tablets to the United States, and Microsoft has been eerily shy about announcing Surface sales figures. A 12" productivity-focused tablet would no doubt be highly differentiated, but HTC doesn't have tons of revenue sitting around to take chances with.

That said, it seems that HTC may still give the 7" tablet market another go. We sure hope so; the company makes some of the best hardware out there, and it'd be a shame to see HTC wilt away.