HTC CEO Confirms That More Windows Phone 7 Devices Are Coming

During Microsoft's recent "Mango" launch event in New York City, a number of new faces were shown off. Microsoft's partner list for Windows Phone 7 is growing, and while Nokia is obviously "the new face" of the operating system, HTC is also a huge name that the company's trying to court. And now, it seems like it's a date. HTC has in the past supported Android in a major way, with the "Sense" overlay being an entity in and of itself. But the company's obviously willing to try their hand at something a bit different...something like WP7.

HTC's CEO spoke this week regarding that possibility, and he stated that plans are in motion to bring a Mango-based phone to market from HTC. The outspoken Peter Chou had this to say: "We have some Windows Mango phones. We are very committed to Windows phone products." That said, it's quite important to note that he's still not totally satisfied with the growth and adoption rate of WP7, and so he didn't want to comment on when an HTC-built WP7 device would hit the market. If you'll remember back, the HTC Surround 7 was a WP7 launch device, but since then, the company's been clearly focused on Android.

Sales have been slower for WP7 compared to iOS and Android, but it's expected that the pace will pick up as more vendors come onboard to support the rollout of the OS. And we get the impression that HTC's involvement could be a major factor in getting WP7 into the faces of consumers.